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Rose Bouquets – Beautiful Roses for Cherished Occasions

No other flower can quite compare to the rose when it comes to expressing the most intense, pure and true love. It is without a doubt that bouquets of roses are an ideal way to show your love to your beloved one no matter the occasion. Whether you are looking to give a rose bouquet on a special someone’s birthday or for no other reason than to simply say ‘I love you’, rose bouquets are versatile floral options to present on most occasions. However, it is crucial to note that each rose colour symbolises different things and may be more appropriate for specific occasions. Red roses, of course, signify love and passion, and thus unquestionably chosen for wedding proposal bouquets and bouquets to confess love. White roses bouquets are also an established tradition in weddings, as they signify pure love, loyalty and eternity.

That said, a rose is perfect for almost every occasion and the range of colours available at our online florist shop will leave you pleasantly surprised. No matter whom you want to show love and affection with rose flowers, we have just the perfect rose bouquet for you.

Lovely Roses For Every Occasion

Glance through our catalogue of beautiful rose bouquets and you will find one that perfectly expresses your feelings and message to your beloved. You can select from a wide range of colours and sizes of rose flower bouquets. There are countless ways you can personalise your rose bouquet too – mix it up with other flowers like lovely tulips and carnations to make the bouquet more elaborate. Our florists are experts at crafting the most exquisite flower bouquets with exotic and premium roses in every colour under the sun. Add that extra element of magic to occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, proposals with our rich, elegant rose bouquets.

Rose Bouquets and What Their Colours Symbolise

As mentioned, every rose and its colour means something special. While they may all be considered romantic blooms that are appropriate for occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries in general, you’ll want to keep each colour’s symbolism in mind to ensure that you choose the right rose and hue for your loved ones when the time comes around.

White Rose Bouquet

White roses symbolise innocence and new love. A white rose bouquet is also known as the bridal bouquet as these white blooms also signify new beginnings. A white rose bouquet can also be given as a farewell gift, as it expresses how much you miss or are thinking of someone.

Red Rose Bouquet

The classic red rose bouquets symbolise love and admiration. A popular and quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, they convey deep romantic feelings and also represent love at first sight. 

Pink Rose Bouquet

Pink roses symbolise gratitude. However, depending on the shade of pink, the meanings may differ. For example, hot pink roses can aptly show appreciation while light pink roses function as an alternative to white roses and mean innocence and appreciation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rose Flower Bouquets

If you are looking for a magnificent bouquet that is arranged with the freshest roses, look no further than BC Florist. Offering a vast collection of rose bouquets, from white rose bouquets to red rose bouquets, we offer a wide selection of options for you to choose from. Arranged by skilled and talented florists, you can rest assured that your recipient will receive the best rose arrangement on their special day.

At BC Florist, all of our bouquets are created with quality in mind. Using only the freshest and most premium flowers, our selection of rose bouquets are sure to make a lasting impression and put a smile on your recipient’s face. But that’s not all! At BC Florist, we also offer top-notch delivery services that will send your rose bouquets to your recipient’s doorstep on time.

This is highly dependent on the rose bouquet that you have your eyes on. From affordable options to over-the-top options, we at BC Florist make our premium rose bouquets available to all in Singapore at affordable prices. Take your pick from our selection of rose bouquets and enjoy free same-day delivery with us.