5 First Anniversary Ideas to Make the Day Extra Special

First anniversaries are particularly special moments for couples, especially since celebrating your first year of marriage marks the first step of your lifelong journey together. Thus, this momentous milestone deserves to be extraordinary. And getting creative to plan a special surprise is a wonderful way to show how much you care and appreciate your partner. To help you, we have listed some ideas that just might make your first anniversary extra special!

1. Go Back in Time

Going back in time and reliving the first year of your relationship is probably one of the most splendid first anniversary ideas. Reminisce all the sweet and special moments you’ve shared, from your first date to your first vacation together, and recreate them for your first anniversary celebration. But where do you start? For starters, you can think about your better half’s favourite flower or the first flower you gifted them, and surprise them with a flower bouquet delivery to their home or at work before the rest of the celebrations unfold throughout the day.

2. A Flowery Surprise

What could be more romantic than a flowery surprise on your first anniversary? It’s the perfect way to make the day memorable and have sparks flying from the very beginning as you embark on all the planned romantic adventures. This is because flowers are timeless and versatile gifts that complement other anniversary gifts, be it jewellery or event tickets. Surprising your significant other with flowers will also add an extra sparkle to your special day and show that you’re thinking about them in the most romantic way possible.

While flower bouquets are always a classic choice for anniversaries, with roses being particularly symbolic of love and appreciation – there are other creative options available too. From an elegant hot air balloon filled with flowers to a floral-filled balloon bloom box, there is an abundance of floral surprises to beautifully commemorate your first year of marriage.

So, fret not! Whether you choose a large, extravagant floral arrangement or something more subtle, it will be sure to make your partner feel special.

[Flower Balloon Bloombox] – Fresh Vibrant Baby Breath

3. Go on a Trip

Travelling together is one of the most romantic and special ways to celebrate your first anniversary. Not only will going on a trip with your partner allow you to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life but you can also enjoy some quality time together, explore new places, share experiences, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

[Flower Balloon Bloombox] – Peach Preserved Hydrangea

Looking to take your romantic getaway up a notch and surprise your partner as you did during the wedding proposal? Take some inspiration from our aforementioned tip on leveraging flowers to set a romantic mood. If you are travelling overseas, add a touch of floral surprise by making advanced arrangements with your local flower shops for the most magnificent preserved flower arrangements like our [Flower Balloon Bloombox] – Peach Preserved Hydrangea. After purchasing them, you can work with a local courier and have your florals shipped to your accommodation in advance. Of course, if you are simply travelling around Singapore, you can have the luxury of having your floral arrangements delivered to any address islandwide, especially when you make BC Florist your online florist of choice.

4. Bake an Anniversary Cake

On your first anniversary, you want the day to be extra romantic. One way to do that is by baking a cake together! Baking your anniversary cake is an intimate and meaningful activity that you can share with each other. Not only will it bring out your inner baker, but it is also an opportunity to get hands-on and create something special.

5. A Memorable Gift

[Surprise Box] – Personalized Bubble Balloon with lights (Black Exterior)

When it comes to first anniversary ideas, a memorable gift is one of the best ways to make the day even more wonderful. While you simply can’t go wrong with a bouquet of flowers that you know your partner would love, another first anniversary gift option could be a magical surprise box filled with memories of your relationship. These might include tickets to places you’ve visited together, pictures snapped, and other small tokens that capture the essence of your love.

These first anniversary ideas are just a few ways to show your partner how much you appreciate them. Not only are these gifts thoughtful, but they also remind your partner of all the special moments that have taken place over the course of your relationship.

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