5 Best Types of Flower Bouquets to Gift on Graduation Day

Graduation Day is special for every student. It’s a day to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments. And what better way to show your graduate how proud you are of them than with a beautiful flower bouquet?

Flower bouquets make great graduation gifts not because they embody the colourfulness and vibrancy of the ceremony itself but also because they appropriately symbolise new beginnings and hopes. Plus, they are just so visually appealing and classic in every sense that every graduate will love receiving a bouquet of flowers on their big day. Whether you are looking for something traditional or more unique, we at BC Florist have got you covered. Here are some of the best types of flower bouquets you can gift on Graduation Day.

1. Roses

[Mixed Rose Bouquet] – Classic Beauty

For a graduate, a classic rose bouquet is always a great choice. Roses have long been associated with love, appreciation, and congratulations, which makes them perfect for someone who has just accomplished a major milestone. Roses are also a symbol of new beginnings, hence, can be gifted to someone who is starting a new chapter in their life.

Gifting a rose flower bouquet on Graduation Day will show the fresh grad how much you care for them and wish the best for their future endeavours. Browse through our online catalogue of beautiful rose bouquets, and you will surely find one that perfectly expresses your feelings. Select from a wide range of colours and sizes of rose flowers and personalise your bouquet with us in terms of its size and the complementary message card to go with it.

2. Sunflowers

[Sunflower Bouquet] – Happy Vibes

Looking for something uplifting and inspiring? How about an arrangement of sunflowers? Sunflowers are known for their happy and optimistic energy, making them the perfect gift for any graduate who may be feeling a bit stressed about the future. They also symbolise joy, admiration and brilliance, and can be the best way to send encouragement and happiness to the recipient on their big day.

Show your support and congratulations on Graduation Day with our wide range of sunflower flower bouquets. With our same-day delivery service, you can immediately bring a smile to the graduate’s face by sending them a specially curated sunflower bouquet along with a personalised message card during the ceremony. Short on time? Have them delivered to their doorstep right before they head off to collect their graduation scroll.

3. Carnations

[Mixed Carnation Bouquet] – Warmth Scents

Carnations are a popular choice for gifting on Graduation Day, not just because they are beautiful, but because they also have a long-standing tradition of being associated with the event. Why? Because according to the language of flowers, carnations symbolise admiration, love, and luck. So what better way to wish your graduate all the best for every new adventure that’s to come than by gifting them a bouquet of these lovely flowers?

Carnations are also known to be long-lasting, making them a perfect symbol of enduring success. So, if you want to convey your best wishes to a graduate, our range of carnation flower bouquets is the perfect option. Send a recent grad a beautiful carnation flower bouquet to let them know their hard work is appreciated, and make them feel loved and cared for.

4. Tulips

[Tulips Bouquet] – Alluring Floral

Graduation is a time to celebrate, and what better way to do so than with a beautiful bouquet of tulips? These flowers represent fresh and new beginnings, making them an ideal gifting option for someone on their Graduation Day. They also symbolise hope, hence, can be given to any grad to wish them a successful future.

Whether you want to put a smile on the recipient’s face or want to convey your heartiest congratulations on achieving one of the biggest milestones in life, sending them their favourite tulips will do the job. Order online from our extensive collection of tulip bouquets and get them delivered directly to the doorstep of the recipient.

5. Lilies

[Lily Bouquet] – Heart Warmer

Lilies are associated with beauty, purity, and new beginnings, making them ideal for gifting on Graduation Day. They also symbolise innocence and hope, which is something that every graduate needs as they head out into the real world. 

A lily flower bouquet is sure to brighten up a graduate’s day, and it will be a gift that they remember for years to come. Looking for a way to make their day even more special? Consider gifting a lily bouquet from our extensive selection, and they are sure to appreciate this sweet gesture.

Wish a Recent Grad Congratulations with BC Florist’s Flower Bouquets

Looking for fresh and beautiful flower bouquets to celebrate Graduation Day? Look no further than BC Florist. We have a great selection of bouquets that are perfect for this special occasion. From Baby’s Breath, Carnations, and Eustomas to Lilies, Roses, Sunflowers, and Tulips, we have something for everyone. Stop by our flower shop in Singapore by making an appointment or order your flower bouquet conveniently online to surprise the recent grad in your life with our free same-day delivery services.