Plan for a Memorable Anniversary with Romantic Gift Ideas

Whether you are planning your first year together as a couple or a Silver wedding anniversary, every anniversary is undeniably a milestone for all love birds. Just like Valentine’s Day, couples all over the world often search high and low for something special to do and gift their partner to reaffirm the love they have for each other. While some couples might enjoy hosting parties to share the occasion with other people, some couples like to keep things private. Either way, celebrating this commemorative event is a must to revel in the fact that your love is still ongoing. But there are a few finer planning details that must be factored in to elevate the entire experience and make the day unforgettable. From planning a memorable date to getting the best anniversary gift, there is much to consider. To help you out, we at BC Florist have put together a list of things to check off and a range of romantic gift ideas to consider for your significant other. 

How to Plan an Epic Anniversary

If you know that you would like to celebrate this milestone, the first step is to determine the guest list. Is the anniversary celebration just going to be between the both of you or are you planning to invite your friends and family too? Since there is no “right” answer to this question, you’ll have to make the decision based on your budget and what your partner and you prefer. 

Once the guest list has been settled, choosing an optimal venue should be next on the list. Depending on the number of guests that have been invited and have RSVP-ed, the size of the location has to adapt accordingly. However, there are a few venues that tend to be at the top of most couples’ lists. For example, the place where you first met, had your first date, or even a place that you both have always dreamt of going to. This could be your home, a restaurant, or even a local park. Whatever the location may be, ensure that if it is a public space, it is available for your hosting. And remember to make reservations in advance, especially if you plan on celebrating your anniversary at a fancy restaurant.

Once all of the above is settled, the final thing to do before the actual celebration is to get your partner the perfect gift that they will be in awe of. With a plethora of anniversary gift ideas readily available with a quick online search, it can get overwhelming to decide the one that will take your partner’s breath away. 

Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you have been with your partner for a long time, thinking of a unique gift annually can be challenging. But fret not! We’ve gathered a list of a few anniversary gift ideas that will show your partner just how grateful you are to spend your life with them.

1. Anniversary Scrapbook

Since anniversaries are all about reminiscing the years you’ve been together, gifting your loved one a scrapbook is a great way to have them relive memories in a tangible way. An old-school gift of sorts, this one-of-a-kind yet affordable present will surely bring a smile to your partner’s face. Fill the scrapbook with handwritten messages, photographs of both of you, and other decorative elements, and wrap it up with a cute little bow to pull the whole look together. While it might seem like an understated gift choice, the effort put into creating it will surely be appreciated and make for an elegant gift that can be cherished for a lifetime.   

2. Flower Balloon Bloombox

[Flower Balloon Bloombox] – Peach Preserved Hydrangea

Looking to capture memorable moments in a more extravagant way? If you are looking to take things up a notch and gift a luxurious version of a scrapbook, consider a preserved flower balloon bloombox. Sitting in the centre of this crystal ball is a polaroid photograph of you and your partner. Surrounded by preserved flowers that last for more than a year, this floral arrangement hits the mark when it comes to capturing the everlasting love you have for your partner. Not sure how to make this gift more personal? At BC Florist, you can not only leverage our add-on options like LED fairy lights to elevate the visual appeal of this balloon bloombox, but our team will also print your personalised text on the crystal clear capsule so that your lovely message is relayed effortlessly.

3. Flower Bouquets

[Sunflower Bouquet] – Happy Vibes

Flower bouquets are the ultimate classic gifts that are often given during romantic occasions — like anniversaries. Rose bouquets are a popular choice as they symbolise passion and love. But if you are looking for options beyond the typical red rose bouquets, there is a wide range of flower bouquets to choose from at BC Florist. To spread the joy of this wonderful milestone, why not gift your partner a sunflower bouquet? Symbolising loyalty and adoration, these cheery yellow blooms are a great alternative to rose bouquets. Regardless of the type of flower bouquet you have your eyes on, BC Florist offers free same day flower delivery services across Singapore — a great way to drop a surprise at your partner’s doorstep before you head off to spend the day together as planned.

Toast to the Future of Your Relationship with BC Florist

As one of the leading florists in Singapore, we at BC Florist, take standard anniversary gift ideas up a notch by putting a romantic twist on them with premium floral arrangements. From exquisite sunflower and rose bouquets to bloomboxes, we have a range of gifting options that are sure to make your anniversary celebrations a memorable one. So, what are you waiting for? Place your orders online and have your anniversary gifts delivered right to your loved one’s doorstep on the big day.