5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding Proposal

Ready to pop the question? Whether it is your first true love, someone you’ve been dating since college or met on a dating app, figuring out how to propose can be nerve-wracking – and everyone’s bound to feel nervous and excited while coming up with the perfect proposal plan. From the engagement ring that will sweep your partner off their feet to the venue where the proposal will take place, the list of things to check off can make it difficult for you to decide how to execute the best romantic wedding proposal.

Whether you want to plan a grand proposal or rather keep things intimate and simple, we at BC Florist have put together five tips that can help you plan an epic wedding proposal for your partner.

1. Personalised Proposal

[Rose Bouquet] – Fleur Aries

By now, you must be well-familiar with your partner’s likes and dislikes. Hence, including what they like and giving the proposal a personal touch can make for a memorable occasion. 

Even if you are buying a flower bouquet, remember to pick their favourite flowers. No doubt, red roses symbolise love, but your partner just might be a lover of tulips and find them more romantic. Therefore, whether they prefer roses, love sunflowers, or are constantly mesmerised by tulips, at BC Florist, you’re sure to find the perfect flowers that your lover will fall head over heels for from our wide collection of flower bouquets. Besides, you even get your wedding proposal flowers personalised by adding a message to let them know why they are special to you.

2. Recreate a Moment

Do you remember your first date? Or the exact moment you said ‘I Love You’ for the first time? Your partner might be cherishing these moments just like you. Hence, now is the perfect time to recreate these intimate memories to let them know you still hold dear those little things and are ready to make more in the future. Plan a proposal set up similar to your favourite memory, taking care of the minute details. They might feel nostalgic about how everything started and how far your relationship has come, and will also love that you are ready to take things to the next stage.

3. Include Surprises

[Rose Bouquet] – Glow with the Kiss

To make your proposal extra special, try including a few surprises before you get down on your knees to pop the question.  These fun elements will not only keep them on their toes, but constantly have them guessing about what’s coming next. You could start the day by sending flowers to their doorstep – a sure-fire way to make things romantic. You could also pick out an outfit and take them out on a “special date” before pulling out the ring when they least expect it. Another element of surprise would most definitely be having their friends and family come out and cheer your engagement on. Whether you plan on having them hide out in a corner and jump out the moment you pop the question or plan for the entire event to be a family affair and have their presence be known from the get-go, nothing beats having a group of loved ones to cheer you and your relationship on.

4. Be Creative

[Surprise Box] – Personalised Bubble Balloon with lights (Gold Exterior)

Having flower bouquets and the obvious wedding ring are classic must-haves of every proposal. But to take things up a notch, it all boils down to how creative you want to be. While some couples might go all out and plan for a flash mob proposal,  your partner just might be the opposite and prefer things to be intimate and personal. As such, it is important to tap into their likings. If your partner is not into flowers or a simple gift box is not enough to amaze them, you can send them a surprise box instead. At BC Florist, you can choose from the different magical surprise boxes and get them personalised the way you want. From the personal messages printed on the balloon to your best pictures fitted into the surprise box, watch your partner go through an emotional roller coaster as they open your gift. For an out-of-the-box approach, why not prop your wedding ring box in the centre of the surprise box?

5. Document Your Day

Amidst the planning for your wedding proposal, don’t forget to film it so that you can relive those moments when your partner said yes to the ring. If you have planned for the entire event to be a surprise, make sure to keep the camera hidden to record the genuine emotions of your partner while you pop the big question. If it is a grand wedding proposal, you might also want to hire a professional photographer to capture the beautiful moments.

Shop For Your Wedding Proposal at BC Florist

Planning your wedding proposal can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. We, at BC Florist, are here to help you out with our online catalogue of flower bouquets that will perfectly fit any wedding proposal. Shop from our premium range of wedding proposal flower bouquets and get same-day flower delivery in Singapore. We also offer last-minute delivery in Singapore for all our flower bouquets and other products. For more information regarding our online delivery services, feel free to contact us.